Have you ever run a meeting and felt like you weren’t getting the best out of the people in the room? You know they have the talent and the ideas, but it wasn’t coming out in the conversation.

What if you could change that dynamic? Imagine a meeting where that same group of people is engaged, using their talents, and producing quality insights that drive real business outcomes.

That’s what the LEGO® Serious Play® Method can do.

It might sound ridiculous to use a child’s toy to tackle serious topics like strategy and innovation. But when a group’s processes are deeply entrenched, it’s hard to facilitate change. LEGO® Serious Play® provides the valuable shake-up organisations often need.

In The LSP Method, I lay out the practical steps for you to harness this world-renowned method and run your own LEGO® Serious Play® sessions.

Covering everything from key activities to customised sessions, this hands-on guide shows how this simple method can revolutionise your work.

You can download it for free right now from this website or if you prefer a physical copy you can grab one from Amazon. Enjoy it, it’s a fun read!

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