Get Certified in the LEGO® Serious Play® Method

In Person, Locally!

Take your meetings, workshops and classes to a new level and get trained in the amazing LEGO® Serious Play® method.

In this local certification workshop, you’ll learn activities to enhance conversations, spark insights, tackle business problems, improve creativity / innovation and drive action and change in your organisation.

All with the power of LEGO Serious Play. And at the end you’ll become a Certified Facilitator in the LEGO Serious Play Method!

Upcoming LSP Certification Workshops


Many dates in June

London, UK

July 8th

Manchester, UK

July 10th

Edinburgh, UK

July 12th

Melbourne, AUS

July 18th & 19th

Want to see more locations and dates? Click Training Schedule in the menu above to see all of the workshops available!

We have a world wide network of experienced LSP trainers that are certifying people in the LEGO Serious Play Method locally. From London to Los Angeles, Melbourne to Berlin, there are many opportunities to learn LSP in person where you are.

I am one of those certifying people in LSP, but there many others in our network. There are two formats of certification we all run:

  • 2-day certification workshop
  • 1-day blended certification workshop

Both are based off the certification I’ve been delivering since 2015. Both have the same learning outcome, just in a different format. Every trainer brings their own unique style and combines their knowledge with mine to deliver an amazing learning experience.

Down below I outline the features of the certification courses, who should attend and an FAQ.

Key Features of the Course

These certification workshops are unlike any other. They are an intensive, small group coaching session where we give you everything you need to succeed in bringing LSP to your organisation and maximising it’s impact:

The core LSP Activities of Individual Models, Group Models & System Models

Templates to design a range of awesome LSP sessions

Extensive coaching on delivering LSP sessions (you’ll get to practice delivering sessions)

Traditional uses for LSP (Individual, Team, Organisation, Classroom)

Innovative new uses for LSP (including customising workshops to your use cases)

Key tips and strategies to win over important stakeholders, turning them into advocates and change agents.

Understand the different kits that are available and how to build your own

Get a Certification to show people you’re serious

We want you to succeed and that’s why we provide lifetime phone and email support. Got a question before your first LSP session? Call us and have a quick chat. Had a challenging group? Set up a video call with us. Want to take the method even further? Email us.

Who is LSP Certification Course for ?

Anyone who runs meetings, workshops or classes and wants to change the conversation. You might be a team leader or manager, a HR professional or facilitator, a coach or mentor, a consultant (internal or external), a teacher, an educator, an academic, an innovator, a strategist, working in agile, lean, CX/UX or simply an innovative spirit looking to change the conversation in your business or organisation.

The Innovator !

You look around and see the same old processes, systems, cultural norms and you think “to get a different result we need to do something different!”

The Rebel !

You like to challenge the status quo and do it in interesting, unique, surprising ways. Let’s face it you need to be a bit of rebel to bring LEGO to work!

The Curious !

You have a suspicion that things could be done better. A new way to work and innovate. You want to test things out, try them, see how they can make an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Instructor?

You’ll be working directly with an experienced LSP facilitator who is also an expert in teaching you the method. Personally I’ve been running LSP workshops for clients since 2013, teaching the method since 2015 and LSP is all I do! The trainers in the LSP Method network are very experienced and have a deep love of LSP. And want to see other people using it and using it well.

What Do I need?

Just you! We bring everything else.

When does the course start and finish?

They are starting and finishing all the time! Head over to Training Schedule (in the menu above) and find one that suits you.

Do I need to be a Facilitator?

No you don’t, but improving your group facilitation skills will help you get even more out of the LSP Method.

What’s your relationship with the LEGO Group?

There is none. To be crystal clear the LEGO Group are in no way involved in this course.

What’s the deal with Certification?

In the LSP world “certification” means you’ve attended training and are up to the standard the provider is happy with. There are no official certifications from LEGO. We’ve spent years honing this certification process to make it both thorough and accessible.

How do I get started? How much does it cost?

To get started head to the Training Schedule page in the menu above and see when the next certification workshop is running in your area.

As to cost it depends on the training provider you contact. They have control over how much they charge. But typically it’s between $1,500 – $2,500 USD depending on where in the world it is. I’m really excited to see you in one of these certification courses and learning and applying LEGO Serious Play.

Certification Workshop in

the LEGO Serious Play Method


$1,500 – $2,000


In Person course

All the knowledge, practice, coaching and feedback

you’ll need to run your own LSP sessions.

Get Certified in the LSP

Access to the Online Refresher Course and a range of further online learning.

All the Support you need to be successful

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