Get Certified in the LEGO® Serious Play® method

Live online over 4 weeks in August or October!

In the Online Certification Course in the LEGO® Serious Play® method you’ve got options on how to learn LSP! You can join us over a four week period in April 2023 where you’ll learn / get certified in the method live with me online.

I’ll be there to help and coach you throughout the whole program, to answer questions and give you feedback. You’ll work closely with me on how to get your people more engaged, thinking differently and sparking more insights with the LSP method. There will be opportunities to practice, get feedback and guidance, and do it all in a convenient online format.

And at the end you’ll become a Certified Facilitator in the LEGO® Serious Play® method!

The next live session starts on August 7th and runs for four weeks. We also have another one starting on October 4th for different timezones. Full schedule is below.

Key Features of the Course

Live or Self Paced

You get access to both. Prefer to do live sessions and ride the wave with a group of other learners? Or do you prefer to get stuck in yourself and power through it in your own time?In both courses we cover all the same key steps needed to run your own LSP sessions.

Live – Times That Suit You

For the Live course each session will be run twice to cover different time zones. One time will suit Australia, Asia & Europe. And roughly 12 hours later I’ll run it again to suit Australia & North / South America. No getting up at 3am to participate!

Unlimited Coaching

I’ll be available as your coach. You can ask questions anytime and you’ll receive feedback on key elements like how you design and deliver your sessions.

Time Commitment

For the Live course it’s one x 3 hour sessions a week for three weeks (full schedule below) . For Self Paced, there are 10 modules, each has a 10-15 min video and an activity to embed your learning. In total for either course, the time commitment is 9 – 12 hours.

Supportive Community

Both courses are embedded in a wonderful community platform where you can ask questions, meet some of the best LSP minds and get access to exclusive content.


Show people you’re serious and get certified. A few simple steps built in to both courses will allow you to finish it as a Certified Facilitator of LSP.

Outline – Live Course

We’ve got 2 courses running: the August Course and the October Course

The August course is aimed at people in Australia, US, South America timezones.

The October course is aimed at people in Australia, Asia & Europe timezones.

Pick which one suits you best!

Below is the schedule for both courses. They will each run for four weeks starting on August 7th or October 4th respectively. There will be 4 sessions in each course, each session is 2 hours long, delivered online via Zoom.

Registrations are open now for both!

When you book in, you’ll be taken through to our community and learning platform where you can introduce yourself and get warmed up before we start. Here is the schedule:

(Please note all times are in GMT timezone. You’ll need to convert them to your timezone! Although our platform does it for you and even sends a nice reminder 1 hour before the session 🙂

August Schedule – (All times are in GMT timezone)
Event 1 – Intro, Skills Building & Individual Models – August 7th @ 11:45pm
Event 2 – Shared & Landscape Models – August 14th @ 11:45pm
Event 3 – Final Activity & Other Activities – August 21st @ 11:45pm
Event 4 – Design & Other Topics – August 28th @ 11:45pm
October Schedule – (All times are in GMT timezone)
Event 1 – Intro, Skills Building & Individual Models – October 4th @ 7:30am
Event 2 – Shared & Landscape Models – October 11th @ 7:30am
Event 3 – Final Activity & Other Activities – October 18th @ 7:30am
Event 4 – Design & Other Topics – October 25th @ 7:30am

Outline – Self Paced Course

The self paced course is available all the time! When you sign up you get access to both the Live and Self Paced course. If you choose to go through the self paced course, you can do it at your own pace. There are videos to watch and activities to do. And I’m there to answer any questions and provide feedback. The content of the two courses is exactly the same. Here is the outline:

Module 1 – The World of LSP
Module 2 – Preparation
Module 3 – Session Intro
Module 4 – Skills Building
Module 5 – Individual Models
Module 6 – Shared Models
Module 7 – Landscape Models
Module 8 – Other Activities
Module 9 – Final Activity
Module 10 – Design
Checkpoint 1 – Deliver Your First Session
Checkpoint 2 – Design Your Next Session
Bonus 1 – Pitching LSP
Bonus 2 – Equipment Guide
Bonus 3 – Online LSP
Bonus 4 – LSP Community
Bonus 5 – Unlimited Coaching

Who is this LSP Certification Course for ?

Anyone who runs meetings, workshops or classes and wants to change the conversation. You might be a team leader or manager, a HR professional or facilitator, a coach or mentor, a consultant (internal or external), a teacher, an educator, an academic, an innovator, a strategist, working in agile, lean, CX/UX or simply an innovative spirit looking to change the conversation in your business or organisation.

The Innovator !

You look around and see the same old processes, systems, cultural norms and you think “to get a different result we need to do something different!”

The Rebel !

You like to challenge the status quo and do it in interesting, unique, surprising ways. Let’s face it you need to be a bit of rebel to bring LEGO to work!

The Curious !

You have a suspicion that things could be done better. A new way to work and innovate. You want to test things out, try them, see how they can make an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Instructor?

You’ll be working directly with Michael Fearne (that’s me!). I’ve been running LSP workshops for clients since 2013, teaching the method since 2015 and LSP is all I do! Use the method, refine it, teach it, talk about it, dream it 🙂

What LEGO do I need?

Any LEGO will do for the course. If you’re super keen order an “LSP Starter Kit” for the course.

When does the course start and finish?

Live course starts August 8th or October 4th. The self paced course you can start it whenever you are ready and go at your own pace. You have lifetime access to the learning material.

Do I need to be a Facilitator?

No you don’t, but improving your group facilitation skills will help you get even more out of the LSP Method.

What’s your relationship with the LEGO Group?

There is none. To be crystal clear the LEGO Group are in no way involved in this course.

What’s the deal with Certification?

In the LSP world “certification” means you’ve attended training and are up to the standard the provider is happy with. There are no official certifications from LEGO. I’ve spent years honing my certification process to make it both thorough and accessible.

What’s the difference between the online course and the in person courses?

I’m in a unique position to answer that because I run both online and in person courses. The content is the same, the outcome is the same, it’s just a different path to get there.

The online course is more accessible. It has support built in throughout the course and beyond. I’m really focused on your ongoing success, which is you running LSP sessions and getting the results you want. But you do have to be self motivated. Everything is set up for you to succeed, but you are driving your own learning (with my expert help).

Why is the Online Course around half the cost of In Person Courses?

One word: Overheads. For in person courses there are additional costs like room hire, printing, catering, travel, paying trainers, etc.

With the online course it’s digital and you work directly with me. Which means a high quality learning experience, fantastic outcomes and a less expensive course. With more money left over to spend on the LEGO.

What if I take the course and am unhappy with it?

Oh no! We don’t want that. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, let me know and we will refund your payment.

Have another question you want to ask? Email me at:

How do I get started? How much does it cost?

You can get started right away. Click the button below, put in your payment details and you can start learning LSP. If you’re interested in the self paced course all the material is there ready for you. If you’re keen on the Live online course starting on April 20th, sign up, go through to our community platform and get ready!

I always encourage people to explore the in person course option as well. They are usually in the range of $2,000 – $4,000 and take 2-4 full days. The Online Certification Course in LSP has a one time payment of $1099 USD. You get to choose a learning style that suits you and you can learn from any location around the world. Really excited to see you in course and learning and applying LEGO Serious Play!

Certification Course

in LSP


one-time payment


Live online course (starting August 7th or October 4th)

Self Paced course (you get access to both courses!)

All the knowledge, practice, coaching and feedback

you’ll need to run your own LSP sessions.

Get certified in LSP

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Supportive Community

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