Free Stuff !

Get started with the LEGO® Serious Play® Method. Below you’ll find free chapters of my book, podcasts I’ve been on, an invite to the LSP community and soon a free “Lunch & Learn” to experience LSP for yourself!

Book Chapters

Download and read the first three chapters of my book, The LSP Method. And as a bonus I’ve included at the end an Appendix that tells you what LEGO to use for your LSP sessions!


If you just can’t get enough of my Australian accent, listen into these podcasts to hear me talk more about LEGO Serious Play!

Lunch & Learn !

Coming late 2021 – Experience LEGO® Serious Play® right now with an introductory session called a “Lunch & Learn”. Grab some food and some LEGO and get introduced to the basics of LSP. You’ll build, share and see where LEGO Serious Play can take you.

LSP Community

In 2019, I launched as a place where all LEGO Serious Play people can gather and talk, no matter who trained you. It has some of the best LSP minds and information on the planet. And it’s free to join.

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