LSP Trainer

Michael Fearne

“Why isn’t everyone doing this?”. This has been the question driving me since 2013 when I came across LEGO Serious Play.

Before then I learnt my facilitation skills in a few notable places such as the management consultancy KPMG. But LEGO Serious Play took over in 2013.

Once I saw the power of what it did, I asked myself that simple question “Why isn’t everyone doing this?”. That led me to start training / certify others in the method. In person, online, writing a book and now even teaching experienced facilitators how to certify other people.

My driving force is to see LSP in as many hands as possible. The good that will do in the world is mind blowing.

My LSP certification workshops focus on being practical and making the method easier to deliver, yet still very power.

Join me or any of the other trainers to add this wonderful method to your tool kit.

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