Courses for Certified Facilitators

Starting January I’ll be running a series of advanced courses for those already certified in the LEGO Serious Play method. Courses will cover topics such as: Asking better questions, the business of LSP and Powerful finishes to your sessions.

We’ll start in January with Asking Better Questions. And you’ll learn how to ask better questions throughout your LEGO Serious Play sessions. From the build question to the probing questions after someone shares their story to the wrap up questions after the LSP activities have ended. So many spaces for good questions!

Over a three week period in February 2023 we’ll dive deeper into questions. One small disclaimer though… I’m not the “guru” of questions. I have some frameworks and lenses that I use and will share with everyone. But a good part of the learning in this course is learning from each other. I will provide some content and create a learning space for us all to share and get better at asking questions.

The next course starts on February 2nd and runs until February 16th. It’s one x 1.5 hour session a week for three weeks with a little bit of work in between. Full schedule is below.

Can’t wait to see you in the course.

Key Features of the Course

Frameworks & Lenses

The “content” part of the course will be me sharing frameworks and lenses that I use to help formulate questions for my LSP sessions.

We’ll also look at good examples and bad examples of questions. And have a chance to roundtable new questions and see if they work.

Learning Space

Both in the sessions and between sessions (and after the course) there will be activities and spaces for us to share our knowledge. No one person has the answer. The key insight you get out of this course may be from people you haven’t met yet.

Times That Suit You

Each session will be run twice to cover different time zones. One time will suit Australia, Asia & Europe. And roughly 12 hours later I’ll run it again to suit Australia & North / South America. No getting up at 3am to participate!

Course Schedule

Below is the schedule for the February course. It will run for two weeks starting on February 2nd and ending on February 16th. There will be 3 sessions in total, each 1.5 hours long, delivered online via Zoom.

Registrations are open now!

When you book in, you’ll be taken through to our community and learning platform where you can introduce yourself and get warmed up before we start on the 2nd of February. Here is the schedule:

(Please note all times are in UTC timezone. You’ll need to convert them to your timezone! Although our platform does it for you and even sends a nice reminder 1 hour before the session 🙂

Schedule – (all times are in UTC timezone)
Session 1 – February 2nd @ 8am & repeated February 2nd @ 11pm
Session 2 – February 9th @ 8am & repeated February 9th 11pm
Session 3 – February 16th @ 8am & repeated February 16th 11pm
(Remember all times are in UTC timezone)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Instructor?

You’ll be working directly with Michael Fearne (that’s me!). I’ve been running LSP workshops for clients since 2013, teaching the method since 2015 and LSP is all I do! Use the method, refine it, teach it, talk about it, dream it 🙂

What LEGO do I need?

Any LEGO will do for the course. If you’re super keen order an “LSP Starter Kit” for the course.

When does the course start and finish?

Live course starts February 2nd and finishes February 16th. You have lifetime access to the learning material.

Do I need to be a Certified Facilitator?

It would be good! But if you’re not technically certified, you can still come along. just know that I’ll be assuming a lot of knowledge about LSP.

What’s your relationship with the LEGO Group?

There is none. To be crystal clear the LEGO Group are in no way involved in this course.

What if I take the course and am unhappy with it?

Oh no! We don’t want that. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy for any reason, let me know and we will refund your payment.

Have another question you want to ask? Email me at:

How do I get started?

If you’re keen to join us, click the button below. From there you can put in your payment details and it will take you through to our community and learning platform. From there you can book in to your sessions, look at the pre work and introduce yourself to others taking the course.

The Question Course


one-time payment


Live online course (starting February 2nd)

Three x 1.5 hour sessions (one a week)

Frameworks & Lenses to improve your questions in your own LSP sessions.

A space to share and learn from other facilitators

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Supportive Community

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